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Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey appeared on Celebrate You Live on Friday, 11/11/22 where Co-hosts LaWanna Bradford (The Bradford Group/The Bradford Group Consulting) and Barbara Beckley (The Diamond Factor) come together each week for this signature show. In honor of Veteran’s Day, LaWanna and Barbara will talk about their relationships as daughters, spouses and friends of veterans and the lessons we can learn from those who have served in the Armed Forces.

LaWanna and Barbara will be joined by guests Jacqueline Lulu Brown, Janet Douglas, and Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey for a conversation around the impact of military service in their lives, what it means to serve in and out of uniform, and their translation of the words structure, sacrifice, discipline, honor, and unity. We salute all who have served and who continue to serve and celebrate the memories and legacies of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey is a Health Education and Maternal and Child Health specialist.  She earned a Doctor of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Additionally, Dr. Holsey is a certified asthma educator (AE-C).  She has a passion for influencing children and families, especially the underserved and indigent.  She has worked with young children for much of her professional career in health education and promotion, and public health services.  At present, she is a consultant for both the African American Wellness Project and the National Medical Association.  In these roles she serves as a health disparities programs developer, where she writes grants, develops, and oversees the implementation of programs that focus on chronic disease prevention and health promotion in communities of color; she does this meaningful work under the umbrella of the public health company she founded, HALO for Families. Dr. Holsey refers to herself as a “virtual work from home mommy”, as currently she and her family resides in Sasebo, Japan.  Her husband is active-duty military with sea orders on mainland Japan.

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