HALO for Families: Social Media Management Division
“Building trust; while building your brand”

The Need

Due to the increased importance of social media communication in our society and compelling statistics such as 71% of all internet users being active on social media sites (Pew Research Center, 2018), HALO for Families considered it absolutely essential to begin an arm to assist small or start up cause-driven organizations in the area of enhancing growth, and developing a positive impact in the communities they serve through social media platforms. We coined it “building trust; while building your brand.” HALO helps cause-driven businesses in the area of starting up or expanding their social media presence to help build their brand, promote relevant, accurate content, and encourage advocacy interests across multiple social media channels.

We Understand and Can Help

We are aware that many small business owners do not have the ability to develop or maintain a consistent presence on social media. That is where we come in! We understand that today, social media community members expect to interact with business owners or association representatives frequently, and desire to seek to build relationships through social media interaction. We will setup or enhance and maintain a social media presence for your cause-driven organization. We will present your business in a positive fashion, building trust, and your brand; always making sure to present your business in an engaging manner to your current and potential followers.

Who are we?

Dr. Chanda Nicole Holsey is the owner and visionary of HALO for Families. She is a high-volume social media engager and a trained public health educator. Her natural ability to effectively connect, share, and influence others has led to the exponential
growth of several of her social media pages; and has provided the synergy that guided the expansion of HALO into the area of social media management. Dr. Holsey has a flair for communicating and connecting with people and is able to motivate and engage users in health promotion and advocacy messaging via various social media platforms.

She is devoted, has sound judgment, and able to effectively monitor and coordinate social media strategy for her clients.

Turshard Kimble-Brinson, HALO For Families, Social Media Division Team Member. 

He has earned a B.S. in Communication – School of Communication & Media, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA.

Jennifer Young, CDMP, PCM, HALO for Families Social Media Division Consultant

Jennifer Young graduated from the University of North Florida (UNF) with a Business degree in Marketing and Communications. She is accredited as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) and Professional Certified Marketer (PCM). She is owner and brand ambassador for Southern Social Marketing and Consulting LLC located in Fleming Island, FL. Southern Social Marketing and Consulting LLC is a full-service marketing, branding, reputation management and advertising agency. The agency works with a variety of companies and channels, in real time, to provide marketing opportunities using data-driven approaches. We strive to deliver outstanding results to each of our clients through the following channels:

Strengths and Expertise

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Social Media and Reputation Management
  • Website Development and SEO
  • Video Production
  • Brand Development
  • Public Relations

For more information, please visit: https://www.southernsocialmkt.com/


Our most contracted service is the role of Social Media Ambassador. This service consists of the Ambassador subscribing to various national health observances sites where they will receive timely information about relevant health and social welfare
issues and develop a posting calendar germane to your business to help connect with followers and those interested in like causes. The Ambassador will help to educate your community and establish trust and credibility among your audience and grow your following.

We provide other services such as, but not limited to, monitoring similar focused organizations and staying on top of trends, analyzing user data and metrics to implement necessary adjustments/enhancements, coordinating and developing content for Twitter Chats, and organizing online promotion, by joining discussions and communicating with social media followers.


Contact us today to discuss the service that will best meet your cause – driven organization’s need.