Evaluation and Outcomes

Due to the increased importance of formalized program evaluation being necessary to quantify the value of programs to ultimately improve the health and welfare of our target populations, our organizational services expanded to include a targeted evaluation and outcomes focus.  The HALO, Evaluation and Outcomes Division’s primary charge is to implement activities that are centered on evaluating and monitoring health programs to demonstrate program effectiveness and impact, and also provide outcomes for program improvement and decision making.

Social Media Management

Due to the increased importance of social media communication in our society and
compelling statistics such as 71% of all internet users being active on social media sites (Pew Research Center, 2018), HALO for Families considered it absolutely essential to begin an arm to assist small or start up cause-driven organizations in the area of enhancing growth, and developing a positive impact in the communities they serve through social media platforms. We coined it “building trust; while building your brand.” HALO, Social Media Division helps cause-driven businesses in the area of starting up or expanding their social media presence to help build their brand, promote relevant, accurate content, and encourage advocacy interests across multiple social media channels.