Clay Education Foundation

May 2021, Dr. Holsey completed a four-year board term with the Clay Education Foundation (CEF), a non-profit agency that was established by education and community leaders in 1988 to support Clay County’s public schools. For over 30 years, CEF has worked to help teachers provide the best possible education to their students. Through the years CEF has cultivated long-term relationships with both educators and community leaders. Dr. Holsey served on the executive board for two years as secretary, and two years as an active board member.  She was thrilled to help the Foundation build a stronger community by contributing ideas that helped to foster a better educational experience for the students of Clay County!  Dr. Holsey regrets that her final meeting was virtual, however, she was grateful to have a platform to thank her board chair, and colleagues for an amazing opportunity to serve!  She enjoys community engagement and serving children and families.

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